Study shows unions benefit low wage workers
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The Center for Economic and Policy Research has released a study that concludes union membership is a significant benefit for low-wage workers. The study examined wage data and union status population of workers in a five year period from 2003-2007 gathered from the Census Bureau??s Current Population Survey.

The report indicates that while workers at mid and higher level wage groups also benefit from union membership, low wage workers get the biggest benefit. The wage benefit derived from union membership for that group was estimated to be 20.6%.

"Unionization raises wages for all workers, but unions have by far the biggest impact on the wages of the lowest-paid workers," said John Schmitt, a Senior Economist at CEPR and the author of the study."Unions give the biggest boost to low-wage workers because these are the workers that have the least bargaining power in the labor market," Schmitt said. "Unionization has a large and measurable impact on the bargaining power, and therefore the wages, of low-wage workers."

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