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A message to union carpenters...

The construction industry is facing one of its toughest period in a long time. But as union carpenters, we still have reason to be proud. Proud of our skills, our union and the history of working people in which we all play a part.

Though now as often viewed as the milestone for the end of the summer, Labor Day exists to recognize and celebrate the working men and women of the United States who make it what it is. Few have more of a visible impact than the construction workers who build the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, offices and homes of America.

So congratulations on the very important role you play by giving your skills, your hard work and your dedication. You have earned the respect of our nation.

To learn more about the origins (some disputed) of Labor Day, we invite you to visit the three articles linked below and to share them with others so that they might better understand and appreciate the role that unions have played and still play in our country.

The History of Labor Day, from the United States Department of Labor.
The Origins of Labor Day, from the News Hour with Jim Lehrer (2001).
Why Do We Get Labor Day Off? by Brendan I Koerner, for

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Happy Labor Day Posted by on

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters would like to wish all of our Brother and Sister members a Happy Labor Day. Though it often is used to mark the end of summer, remember that Labor Day is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of working people in the United States. Workers and unions have accomplished great things when working together. Yet there are still battles to be fought to protect current conditions and win new ones. Remember, too, the workers who do not have the protection of a union and suffer the exploitation of employers. In the words of UBC founder Peter McGuire, who also founded the Labor Day holiday, we must continue to ??Educate, Agitate and Organize!??

Happy Labor Day Posted by on

To all of our Brothers and Sisters in the New England Regional Council we would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day. It is significant that the history and achievements of American workers are honored with a federally recognized holiday.

While you??re enjoying what little we have left of summer, please take time out to recognize the wages, working conditions and other benefits that we enjoy because of the committed labor advocates who have come before us. Also remember that our work is never done. Many of the good things we enjoy as a result of solidarity and collective bargaining are under attack and are absent for far too many in the American workforce. In the words of UBC founder Peter McGuire, who also founded the Labor Day holiday, we must continue to ??Educate, Agitate and Organize!??