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Members did more than help candidates get elected to office on Tuesday. Brother Tom Wright is a carpenter who got himself elected. Wright ran for the seat for Maine Houser Representative in district 145. A member of Local 118, Tom has been a member of the UBC for 27 years. He served a single term as a State Representative more than ten years ago and also previously worked as an Organizer for the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.

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Not elected, but also serving Posted by on

Union Carpenter Mary Ann Cloherty wasn't elected on Tuesday, but last week she was appointed to serve on the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Advisory Council on Vocational Technical Education.

According to the State Board of Education, the Advisory Council is one of several that were developed to ??advise the Commissioner and the Board on matters relevant to their areas of focus in the development of education reform in Massachusetts. Each council meets 4-6 times per year. Through diverse membership on each advisory council, the Commissioner and Board are able to draw on the perspectives and experience of a wide variety of constituents in order to strengthen public education.