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Mass AG nails another for misclassification Posted by on

The crackdown continues. This from the MASS AG's office:

BOSTON ?C Attorney General Martha Coakley??s Office has reached an agreement with the owner of a Bourne construction company to settle allegations that he misclassified one employee as an independent contractor and failed to pay the proper prevailing wage to that employee. Thomas Pappas, of Bourne, owner of Cape Cod Builders, Inc., has agreed to pay $15,000 in restitution and $2,000 in fines to settle a claim that they failed to pay the proper prevailing wage. In addition, Pappas and Cape Cod Builders will pay an additional $2,000 in fines to settle a claim that they violated the Commonwealth??s Independent Contractor/Misclassification Law.

Read the entire release here.

LEED Certifiable Posted by on

Upon completion, the Carpenters Center will qualify for LEED Certifiable status. As part of the preparation for this, a Commissioning Study of the project is being done to review various energy-related categories, including HVAC, domestic hot water, and lighting. The consultant hired for this will make recommendations or approve plans for the equipment and will supervise the delivery and installation of those items.

Other ways in which the building will be eligible for LEED Certifiable status include: implementing a storm water collection system, which will collect and filter ground water and remove more than 90% of suspended solids before discharge in the City system; installing a heat reflective (white) roof; and installing low water use toilets.

??We fully understand and appreciate the intent of the regulations of the City of Boston and the Green Building Task Forces,?? notes David Dow, NECLMP Special Projects.

??Building Green can add to a building??s cost, but adhering to these sustainability goals will provide us with dividends over the life or our building. Not only will we save on energy costs that may be far more expensive in the future, but we are providing our members and employees with a safe, clean environment to work in.??