No trickle down for bailout?
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Bank of America gets $25 billiion in taxpayer bailout money.

Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago, Illinois--a Bank of America client--shut its doors last week. The company was considering closing its plant, but was pushed into the action when Bank of America shut down their line of credit. So the company didn't comply with legal mandates that they give 60 days notice to employees or pay 60 days wages. They can not pay workers for vacation time they are owed.

Are the 250 workers out of work and out of luck? They've been staging a sit-in at the plant for four days, receiving lots of attention. The Governor of Illinois--George Blagojevich--is stepping in and standing up for the workers. He's telling all state agencies and departments in Illinois to suspend doing business with Bank of America until the problem is fixed and workers are given what they're owed.

The ABC affiliate in Chicago has a few stories on issue available on their website.