2009 NERCC Scholarship guidelines announced
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The Scholarship Sub-Committee of the Council has established the guidelines for the eligibility, application, and awarding of scholarships for 2009. They are encouraging each Local to make the guidelines available at the next regular meeting and post a copy on the Local??s bulletin board. The guidelines are listed below and will also be available in the news section of the Council website.

The Sub-Committee is seeking four retirees who would be interested in serving as essay reader/graders for 2009. They should contact Ed Flaherty at the Council for more information.

There will be a required essay on a labor-related topic. The essays will be graded by the selected reader/graders for 2009. Please note that essays are provided to the reader/graders with no student names all essays are coded by number so the grader is not aware of whose essay is being read.

The deadline for submitting letters of interest in a NERCC scholarship is March 15, 2009.

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