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Employee rights blog in CT Posted by on

The Connecticut Employee Rights Blog.

Stumbled across this while perusing information about enforcement of labor laws in Connecticut. It describes itself as "The Blog for Connecticut employees and the lawyers who represent them."

The identification of the author reads: "This blog is created and maintained by me, Richard Hayber. I am an employee rights attorney in Hartford, Connecticut. I have been representing employees since 1992 and care deeply about the rights of hard working employees."

There's some legal news there. This is not an endorsement or advertisement. Take it for what it is; general information.

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Contract allocations to be discussed at Mass and NNE meetings Posted by on

The next contract allocation will be the subject of discussion at January monthly meetings for those locals covered by the Boston and Eastern Massachusetts agreement, the Northern New England agreement, as well as Locals 723 and 2168.

With the downturn in the financial markets in 2008, there will be an opportunity to review the impact on the New England Pension and Annuity Funds.

Carpenters Center Groundbreaking Ceremony Posted by on

Video highlights of the groundbreaking at Carpenters Place, NERCCs new regional headquarters, is available online. It has been uploaded to a growing library of videos on youtube produced by NERCC.

The video used to open the 2008 NERCC Convention in October is also on the necarpenters page at YouTube in two forms. It is there as it was seen at the convention, but has also been re-edited for expanded use. The modified version uses the same music and many of the same images, but incorporates messages that point out the advantages for owners and developers of hiring union carpenters and contractors.

Worcester Business Journal covers industry fraud Posted by on

The Worcester Business Journal this week is running an article on the problems in the underground economy, specifically in the drywall segment of our industry. The title of the article is The Dirty Job of Drywall. It quotes Brian Cote of Red Line Drywall Systems in Leominster and Jack Donahue, Business Manger of Carpenters Local 107.

Carpenters Center Groundbreaking Ceremony Posted by on