Does America still need unions?
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The rash of investigations and prosecutions of employers who don't pay workers seems to indicate their may be a need for union representation for workers. (That's not a typo, we're not talking about employers not paying workers as much as we think they should, we mean workers are out there not getting paid for their work.)

The move by the Bush administration toward "voluntary compliance" with safety standards on job sites might have increased the need for someone to make sure employers allowed workers to work safe.

The decline in retirement programs in the public sector and the reckless handling of pension funds by companies, leaving workers with nothing when they retire, could be fought if more workers had the security of pension funds negotiated and administered jointly by labor and management.

The sacrifice of high school vocation programs on the alter of school budget discipline and the feeling that construction is really not a skilled craft leaving union apprentice programs as not just the best, but virtually the only place for people to properly learn a trade is troubling.

But somehow, Parade Magazine still thinks there's a need to ask: Does American still need labor unions? You can answer in their online poll.