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Lexington Minuteman now reporting AvalonBay headaches Posted by on

Several of the contractors named in the Attorney General's investigation of problems on AvalonBay sites in Massachusetts involved problems on a site in Lexington.

Tonight, the Lexington Minuteman has published a story letting area residents what was really going on in their community.

Good prospects for members in Plymouth Posted by on

In one of the few bright spots in the regional construction industry, confidence seems to be growing that the massive Plymouth Rock Studios project will go forward.

Yesterday the Boston Globe ran a story outlining the project and giving an update, with information straight from the company. Space in the complex is apparently booking fast. But perhaps most important detail in the story to union carpenters was this:

"The company expects to spend $200 million on labor during the construction phase, using union workers."

Upcoming BUILD sessions scheduled Posted by on

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters and several Local Union affiliates have scheduled sessions to present the B.U.I.L.D. program for members. B.U.I.L.D. is a new program developed by NERCC to give members information about the construction industry, the Carpenters Union's place within the industry and what we need to do to thrive in the future.

The following scheduled sessions may or may not have room for additional participants. If you are a member of one of the following Local Unions and would like to participate, please contact your Business Agent to see if room is still available and to find out the location and time of the session.

If your Local Union has not scheduled a session at this time, contact your Business Agent to express interest in attending a session.

March 10--Local 210
March 12--Local 624
March 31--Local 43
April 6--Local 24
April 7--Local 94
April 23--Local 624

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Herald highlights investigations of AvalonBay sites Posted by on

The Boston Herald today ran a story on the Massachusetts Attorney General's investigation of subcontractors working on three AvalonBay projects in Massachusetts.

"The company has long disputed charges by labor unions that its empire was built on the backs of low-cost workers who were brought to Massachusetts to build the luxury dwellings."
Maybe next time AvalonBay could save the taxpayers of Massachusetts the money of having the Attorney General investigate. But that supposes they are interested in preventing this type of shady behavior on their sites, rather than profiting from it.

Brian: I think they're doing them for the specifie... Posted by on

Brian: I think they're doing them for the specified locals, but if you wanted to call Rick Braccia, he might be able to give you a better idea. Or get you a better answer than this.

I am womdering if there will be room for the other... Posted by on

I am womdering if there will be room for the other two locals in Randolph to attend the program on the 12th of March ?