UBC takes fight for workers online
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It's not surprising that Carpenters union organizers in Tacoma, Washington have been visiting the jobsite of a $1 billion mixed-use waterfront development. And given that the project isn't 100% union, it's not surprising that there are some very shady things going on.

What's surprising is that an investigation by state and federal authorities was triggered by a video union carpenters produced featuring workers from the site that they then posted on YouTube.

Welcome to tech-savy world of organizing in the UBC. The Seattle-Times just published the story, detailing some of the ugly results of the investigation. Here's the YouTube video.

Make sure to check out the other videos posted on YouTube by our Brothers in the Pacific Northwest, under the name peterjmaguire. Good stuff, very good stuff.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Jimmy Haun, an organizer with the PNWRCC who was quoted in the newspaper article. The article was a little incomplete. Several of the workers have been suffering some serious health problems, he said, including loss of hair, sores on their hands and feet and other pretty scary stuff.