Stamford Advocate takes owner to task for National Carpentry sins
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The Stamford Advocate, which covered the arrest and criminal charges brought against National Carpentry, followed up Friday with an editorial placing some of the responsibility on the project's owner. A portion is included below...

Question: Mr. Kirk's company was hired to work on two East Side housing developments, East Side Commons and Glenview House. If he is guilty of the crimes of which he is accused, should the owner of the housing developments bear part of the blame?

The principal owner, Seth Weinstein, says no.

"We hire a general contractor (Florida-based Thomason-Stevens, LLC)," Mr. Weinstein said last month. "We expect our general contractor to follow all rules and regulations and we have no relationship with the subcontractor."

In all due respect, Mr. Weinstein, we disagree. An owner of a development property should know what's occurring there. After all, he could gain financially from potential illegal building practices in this case.