Roofer indicted for workers' comp violations
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Imagine getting hurt at work, then finding out your employer hadn't properly covered his people with workers compensation insurance? It's unfortunately an all-too-familiar scam pulled in the construction industry to lower costs.

There's really not much of a risk for the employer: they're not the ones hurt and stuck with a bill and enforcement has been notoriously lax. That last part is starting to change a bit, with an increased focus throughout the six New England states, especially.

This in the last week:

A Suffolk County Grand Jury returned indictments against the owner of a contracting and roofing company in connection with not paying the proper workers?? compensation insurance by misclassifying his employees and filing false tax returns over a five-year period. Richard Copeland, age 43, of Blackstone, and owner of Copeland Contracting Inc. (CCI), is charged with Unemployment Fraud (20 counts), Larceny over $250 (4 counts), Aiding or Assisting in Fraudulent Tax Returns (60 counts), and Workers?? Compensation Fraud (3 counts).