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Recession hurting blue collars more Posted by on

The Boston Herald runs another piece confirming what most already know: the current recession is hurting blue collar workers more than white collar workers and the construction industry is bearing a large brunt of the pain.

How did we get here, what do we do next? Posted by on

The Atlantic Monthly has an interesting and blunt piece in the May issue about the current economic situation in the United States. Titled "The Quiet Coup," it was written by Simon Johnson, a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF oversees the global financial system, working to smooth relationships between national economies and currencies. It also offers financial assistance and consultation to nation's in dire need.

As much as Americans might not like the title of the piece, the business community is less likely to appreciate Mr. Johnson's assessment of the current situation in the United States and his suggestions for how to fix it.

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Bad contractors, good grades? Posted by on

NERCC Organizers have been fighting the fight for years. A general contractor wins a public job and makes a mess of it. The project may come in way over budget or months--even years--behind schedule. The city or town might have to file suits to have work completed properly. Then, mysteriously, on evaluation forms the state uses to certify contractors, the contractors in question is given a passing grade. The contractor stays in good standing with the state and future communities where they bid are left in the dark.

Boston's Fox 25 Undercover did a piece on just such a contractor, Barr, Inc. , and the broken system that's supposed to protect communities. Please note that Barr, Inc. is a Connecticut-based firm unrelated to union contractor Barr and Barr.

Responsible Employer Ordinances in every city &amp... Posted by on

Responsible Employer Ordinances in every city & town would quickly put an end to this incredible waste of money to city & towns and would put teeth into local construction projects for each city & town to stop payment and work, when construction runs into problems.Speak to your local Carpenters Bussines Representative for more information.Local 275 VOC