Immigration center (where immigrants were exploited) opens
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When your public defense against charges that illegal activity occurred during construction of your newly finished building project features the phrase ??technically and in fact,?? you might not have the strongest position. When you??re the District Director for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services answering questions about an illegal immigrant working on, but not being paid properly for work on, an USCIS building, you don??t look great in the press.

But there was Denis Riordan, District Director for USCIS, saying the Honduran worker who filed a lien against the Johnston, Rhode Island building ??technically and in fact employee was not working or employed by the federal government.??

The story was first covered months ago by ??Target 12,?? the investigative team for WPRI??s nightly newscast, which included an interview with the worker.

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena went to the groundbreaking where Riordan offered his weak defense and voice his displeasure: "I know that I, as Mayor, was not happy. There are over 70,000 people out of work who are citizens of the state and they should have crack at the jobs first."

Here's the latest story by Target12: