Bring good jobs to the Bay State
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An open letter to Union Carpenters in Massachusetts:

These are very difficult times in our Commonwealth. Many carpenters are facing unemployment conditions they have never seen in their careers. On top of that health care costs are rising and gas prices have us all constantly on edge. Far too many families have lost their homes or been forced to make difficult decisions when it comes to their home budgets.

But there is a way to turn the tide a bit. If we bring resort-style gaming to Massachusetts, thousands of good-paying jobs will come with it.

Every year Massachusetts residents cross the border to spend money at Connecticut casinos and slot parlors in Rhode Island and Maine. It happens more than eight-million times a year with spending approaching nearly $1 billion annually. Worse than lost revenue, in Connecticut alone, that industry supports over 19,000 jobs.

Legislation authorizing resort-style casinos in Massachusetts will create good-paying jobs offering health care for struggling middle-class and working poor residents, including thousands of construction jobs and thousands more permanent resort-style casino jobs that will pay an average of $45 thousand a year.

Is your family struggling or concerned? Do you think resort gaming in the Bay State could improve your life? Tell your local legislator to bring good jobs to the Bay State! Please click the link below and tell your local representative to authorize gaming in Massachusetts.

With your voice - and help - we can bring those jobs back home to where it belongs: in our Commonwealth!