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Coakley speaks on union issues Posted by on

Following last week's meeting with staff of NERCC and affiliated Local Unions seeking their endorsement of her candidacy for US Senate, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley sat down to record a message to union carpenters. Earlier this week, NERCC announced its endorsement of Coakley.

For more infomration on Coakley, visit her campaign site,
View videos by the campaign at their YouTube channel.
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Drywall Work Continues Posted by on

This week, drywall work was completed on the third floor of the building, with the exception of the elevator door fronts. Elevator work is expected to begin later next week. When the elevator work begins the door fronts will be drywalled. Drywall crews have started work on the second floor.

Electrical and mechanical inspections of the first floor are scheduled for next week.