Does the gov't fear unions?
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David Macary makes the case that they do.

Here's part of what he has to say...

The truth is, the government fears and distrusts organized labor. Why? Because a powerful workers?? collective threatens the status quo. The federal government (and the corporations who run it) fear labor unions the way our country??s founders feared the common man, which was why they invented a device (the Electoral College) allowing them to circumvent the popular vote when necessary.

And why he thinks it's a problem...
But the irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife. With the middle-class now under siege, organized labor isn??t the problem, it??s the cure. And it??s more than simple economics. It??s ethics. If Wall Street had been as law-abiding as our labor unions, there??s no banking collapse. If Wall Street had been as ??honest?? as the average American worker, there??s no crisis, no bail-out, no liquidation of financial institutions.

You can read his entire piece here.

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