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Rally against Dellbrook, Shawnlee and Turner Brothers Posted by on

Carpenters will be holding a rally on Monday November 23 at 9:30 am at 49 Edmands Road in Framingham to protest the use of three of the more notorious contractors in the region. The 150-unit Shillman House will be built by Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly with $2.9 million dollars in stimulus money. Those public dollars will be turned over to general contractor Dellbrook, woodframe contractor Shawnlee and Turner Brothers Concrete, all of which have been hired.

Any and all members are encouraged to attend the rally, which will include members of SEIU Local 615, the Jewish Labor Committee and Jobs with Justice. For more information, contact Charlie Ryan of Carpenters Local 475 at 508-486-0040.

NH 1099 crackdown makes news Posted by on

It took years of lobbying and campaigning to get the State of New Hampshire to recognize and address the problem with employee misclassification, specifically within the construction industry. But through the hard work of union carpenters and NERCC staff, progress was made and those labors are now bearing fruit.

The State of New Hampshire has a comprehensive, multi-agency task force set up to share information and more efficiently pursue businesses who misclassify employees as so-called independent contractors. The result is millions of dollars in lost tax revenue, workers put at risk when they are injured on the job or laid off, and a huge disadvantage to honest contractors who are bidding against cheaters.

The Manchester Union Leader published a story about the efforts of the state in today's paper. Members are encouraged to read the story and weigh in with their thoughts in the comments section immediately following the story. Remember these are public forums, so be direct, but respectful of others. Site editors reserve the right to remove comments they find objectionable.

Interior Paint Colors Posted by on

Painters with H.W. Ellis Painting Company, Inc. have been working in the interior of the building. The following is a selection of Benjamin Moore paint colors being used at the Carpenters Center.

Sugar Cookie                                   Desert Twilight

Light Khaki                                      Nantucket Gray

Thyme                                                Mink

Snow White Eggshell