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More hot air or finally coming to a decision? Posted by on

US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar yesterday toured Cape Cod beaches and took a Coast Guard tour of Nantucket Sound as part of his decision making process on the Cape Wind project. After nine years of jumping through hoops thrown up by project opponents, project developers have been told the Obama administration is interested in making a final determination on the fate of the project by April.

In addition to supplying 75% of Cape Cod's power needs without creating any smog, nuclear waste or ancillary political disputes over drilling or mining, Cape Wind will create a badly needed resource: jobs.

Office staff moved in to third floor Posted by on

Last week furniture was delivered and assembled on the third floor of the building. NERCC staff moved from the previously leased space in South Boston in to the third floor over this past weekend. Additionally, staff from Piledrivers Local 56, Shop and Millmen Local 51, and Woodframe Local 723 have also moved their offices to the third floor.

Third room conference room.
Notice the view through the transparent LED sign.

Furniture assembly and move-in for office staff of the Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund on the second floor will begin next week.

Second floor pavilion/lobby area.