Good questions, what are the answers?
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Some good and important questions asked in the NH-based Foster's Daily Democrat in the Letters to the Editor section today

Peas in a pod!

To the editor:
What's the deal with the Avis Goodwin Medical Center that is going to be built in Somersworth? Besides a current investigation by the county commissioners office and the office of the attorney general, has anyone looked into how fair the bidding process was for this ARRA funded project? This medical center received a $5,000,000 grant for construction; this is stimulus dollars at work.

Looking at the bids it appears Hutter Construction was able to come in 1 month after all of the other General Contractors and--surprise, surprise--they were the low bidder. Are these bid numbers public?

Were these bids sealed? What kind of oversight happened in this bidding process?

If this is an ARRA funded project why is there no sign indicating the funding source as a requirement of a project receiving stimulus funds?

Residents in New Ipswich are launching an investigation with the AG office due to illegal and unfair bidding process on a recent school construction project in New Ipswich awarded to Hutter Construction without going out to public bid, according to a recent article a couple of weeks ago in the Monadnock Ledger.

I hope that Avis Goodwin and Hutter Construction realize that ARRA funded projects require paying Davis Bacon prevailing wages. FOIA requests will be made on the certified payrolls

Who is the clerk of the works for this publicly funded project? Who is collecting certified payrolls and who are they being submitted to?

Marty Coyle