Hard Work, Commitment Keep Brotherhood Strong
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UBC Ready to Withstand Any Challenge
A message from UBC General President Douglas McCarron

"Be grateful the Brotherhood took President John F. Kennedy's advise that, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."

Over the past several years, our union has done exactly that, putting our house in order by rethinking everything we do.

We modernized the UBC's structure and invested heavily in training members and staff. We reinvigorated our efforts to help the union grow and took a seat at the table with our Carpenters Politics.

As difficult as these times are, they would be even worse had the UBC not displayed the courage to make tough choices and the determination to see them through.

While economic recovery depends on wise government policies and time, only we can make sure that the UBC is ready when that day arrives--and arrive it will. In the last 129 years, our union has not just endured financial panics, recessions, inflation, deflation, a Depression, and two world wars but we rose to the challenge and emerged stronger.

To make tomorrow better than today, we need to ensure that our members are trained, that our union administration is efficient and effective, and that politicians are aware that carpenters vote.

As we take measure of these challenging times and the continued uncertainties that lie ahead, we need to remember that we are better prepared to face the future than any generation that has come before us in the UBC's proud history.

The Brotherhood remains a strong, confident organization that can withstand any challenge. Whether it's in the field or in our offices, the UBC is home to the most dedicated, best trained people I've come across in organized labor and the construction industry.

Our union's best days are ahead, but getting there requires hard work and continued commitment to the ideals of the Brotherhood. Realizing that we have been preparing for this moment will not make the task any easier, but it does give us the confidence to know that we will prevail.

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