Conn Carpenters, Operators step back from Building Trades
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On the heels of Connecticut Building Trades Council Ben Cozzi??s resignation, Carpenters Local Unions 24, 43 and 210 in Connecticut have taken a step back from their participation in the group. A joint letter from the New England Regional Council of Carpenters and Operating Engineers Local 478 to employer associations, users, and major CMs/GCs states that ??in the creation of future project labor agreements or other collective activities, no one is authorized to speak for or sign documents on behalf of either the New England Regional Council of Carpenters or the Operating Engineers, Local 478 other than our own two organizations.??

Cozzi, a member of the Operating Engineers, resigned his position as President of the Connecticut State and New Haven Building Trades Council this week after the National Building and Construction Trades Council passed a resolution prohibiting members of International unions not affiliated with the National Building Trades from holding offices with state, regional or local Building Trades. Though not members of the National Building Trades, the Operating Engineers and Carpenters have participated in state and local Building Trades Councils around the country as area conditions dictate.

An election for President of the Connecticut Building Trades is to be held this fall, in which Cozzi was expected to face a member of another union. There had been talk that a Cozzi victory would have spurred an election protest with the National Building Trades to have Cozzi disqualified because of his membership in an International union that does not participate in the National Building Trades. That, combined with the explicit motion by the National Building Trades spurred Cozzi??s resignation.

In a related development the Plumbers Union has also withdrawn from the Connecticut State Building Trades, citing the upcoming election and the events leading to Cozzi??s resignation.