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Carpenters Center buzzing with activity Posted by on

Though the industry might be slow, carpenters are busy. They're keeping busy while keeping up their skills with upgrade training. The Boston Carpenters Apprenticeship Training Program began its fall semester of classes last night and the turnout was incredible.

More than 100 union carpenters were at the brand new Carpenters Center in Dorchester, which serves as the home of the BCATP as well as the headquarters for the New England Regional Council some Local Union affiliates and the Vision Center. The program ran no less than eleven classes last night, including: Computer literacy, LEED/Green building, Labor History, doors and hardware, drywall certification, CAD, Building Code First Aid/CPR, and Best Practices in Health Care Construction.

Every classroom was filled to capacity, the shops were in use and the parking lot was bursting at the seams. The scene was exactly what was envisioned when the Carpenters Center was conceived and built: union carpenters at all levels coming together to sharpen their skills and make their next project their best project.

For more information on classes being held in Boston or other areas of New England, check the listings or contact information on this page of Remember that when you increase your skills, you increase your chances for employment.

Union favorites do well on primary night Posted by on

Primary elections were held in three New England states last night, with mostly positive results for union-endorsed candidates. Favored candidates ran unopposed or against token opposition in most primary races in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts yesterday.

In contested races, Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch fought off a primary challenge while District Attorney Bill Keating won the Democratic nod to replace retiring Congressman Bill Delahunt. Both were endorsed and actively supported by union carpenters. Union carpenters also supported a group of state representatives and state senators in Massachusetts who were all successful, with a single exception.

There was disappointment in Rhode Island, too, where incumbent state representative Chris Fierro lost his primary battle to retain a seat in Woonsocket. Fierro works for the New England Carpenters Labor Management Program and had served on the House Finance Committee.