A message from Tom Flynn, NERCC Political Director
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Brothers and Sisters:

Polls will open in about 15 hours. Have you done all that you can to make sure you??re celebrating results tomorrow night rather than worrying about what the next few years will bring?

As a union, the Carpenters have a tremendous reputation as campaigners. We build signs, we do standouts, we make phone calls, we rally for our candidates. Now we need to put the final piece of the puzzle in place. We need to Get Out The Vote. GOTV is the most crucial part in any race. Raising the profile of a candidate is one important step. Convincing voters that your candidate is the best option in the field is a second, vital part of any campaign. But the only numbers that count in any election are vote totals.

We are supporting a full slate of candidates in every state in New England. And with few ??sure things?? out there this year, ever candidate and every campaign is looking for help. We have the experience and the bodies. Now is the time to turn our favorite candidates into our favorite elected officials. Now is the time to ensure that when we have an issue that??s important to us, our phone calls get returned and action gets taken on behalf of our members.

Not ever campaign activity is fun. At this point of the campaign, many voters are tired of phone calls and literature brought to their front door. But that doesn??t mean those activities don??t play a vital role in a successful GOTV effort.

I??m asking all staff and all members to get involved in any way necessary to help the candidates we??re backing. The negative national predictions are just that, predictions. Pundits don??t make election results, hard working campaigns and voters do. The future is in our hands. Let??s get to work.
Members interested in volunteering for campaign activity on election day, November 2, should contact their local union halls for activity in their area

Thank you,

Thomas Flynn
NERCC Political Director