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Connearny is carpenter, valedictorian Posted by on

Congratulations are due to Brother Brian Connearny, who was selected by instructors at the Boston Labor Guild as the valedictorian for the Fall 2010 class. Brian's a member of Carpenters Local 218 and the son and grandson of union carpenters from Local 67.

Connearney spoke at the graduation ceremony this week about the service his father and grandfather gave to the United Brotherhood and explained the significance of elements of the UBC crest.

The graduating class included six other union carpenters who participated in Guild programs. The Boston Labor Guild has been offering classes and services to foster greater communication and cooperation between labor and management since the 1940s. Local 275 Business Agent Kevin Kelley is currently the President of the Labor Guild.

Carpenters Center to host health fair Posted by on

The New England Carpenters Health Benefit Fund will be holding a comprehensive health and wellness fair for members at the Carpenters Center Saturday, December 11 from 10am-2pm. Presented in conjunction with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the event will feature:

Flu Shot Clinic
Blood Pressure Reading
Cholesterol Screening
Diabetes Screening + Workshop
Dermatology Analysis
Vision Exams
Two Massage Chairs
Smoking Cessation Consultation
Stress Management & Nutrition Workshops

The event will also feature give-aways and raffled prizes, including a flat screen television. To register for the event, contact Blue Cross-Blue Shield at 800.262.2583.

I'm not surprised. I worked for Mayo at an out... Posted by on

I'm not surprised. I worked for Mayo at an out-of-state location in 2008 and they were all about quick fixes, patch jobs, and little follow-through. They're the reason I don't trust corporate property management companies.