You can be a famous carpenter...
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We got a call today from Screaming Flea Productions, a company out of Seattle that's looking for a carpenter for the A&E show "Sell This House." If you don't look like Brad Pitt, that's great. They want a regular, down-to-earth looking carpenter that's good at what they do. They're looking to cast someone in December and then fly them to Texas to shot a test episode in January. Here are the details they sent along.

Casting Call:
Sex: Male
Age: 30 ?C 50
We??re looking for a master craftsman to mix it up with our designer. Somebody confident, good at his job, and with an attitude. Very outspoken. Somebody who is good with people ?C he will be talking our homeowners through the projects.

Here??s a link to the Sell This House website:

We??re shooting the pilot in mid-January and will need to have it cast by the end of the December. Any of your guys that are interested can contact me at the info below.

FYI ?C I also contacted the Union in Chicago, so no pressure New England!

Executive Producer
Screaming Flea Productions
5950 6th Ave. South, Suite 109
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 763-3383x202
(206) 412-3660.cell