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Health Fair Cancelled Posted by on

The Health Fair sponsored by the New England Carpenters Health Benefits Funds scheduled for December 11 at the Carpenters Center has been canceled.

Its time to step up the 50% annuity withdrawal rul... Posted by on

Its time to step up the 50% annuity withdrawal rules. Members are taking whatever hours they can right now whther its 16 hours a week or whatever the case is. Its nnot right to say hey you worked 16 hours 8 weeks ago so we cant help you out. loans are no good to people who arent working so the 50% rule is the only hope for alot of members. Stop putting all these restrictions on this and help the members who need it. remember we are supposed to be a brotherhood and alot of members arent feeling that brotherly love. Do whatever it takes to help.Do a case to case basis if need be. Its now 160 hours in 12 months but cant work the first month or last 3 of the 12 month period. Why? what about the people that are taking these short weeks in hopes they might get insurance again sometime? Since when is it the policy of this union to say stay home from work and then we'll help. I was told when i was an apprentice to never turn down work because you never know when its going to come again, now im being told i worked 16 hours 8 weeks ago so we cant help. STOP the nonsense and start helping each other. Stop all these lil restrictions and months and this and that. just take a little look at someones work history and help them.