The industry comes together
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As cities, towns and states continue to feel the pinch from lean budgets, some are getting wise to the fact that cracking down on tax cheats could provide some relief. And businesses are jumping on board with an eye toward maintaining fairness in competition.
leads us to a an article about just such a coalition in California. looks to be a valuable resource for those in the construction industry looking to stay up-to-date on the latest labor-management-owner efforts to promote honesty, fairness and training in the construction industry. Their website lists the following description:

We are owners, contractors and craftspeople who share the mission to advance a socially responsible, sustainable, value added construction industry.

As owners, we value social responsibility and sustainability as strategically important for our projects, for our image in our communities and for the long term success and return on investment of our businesses.

As contractors and subcontractors, we value the competitive advantage and business growth we can gain by supporting a constantly improving and sustainable workforce as a foundation for delivering superior value and quality to our clients.

As craftspeople, we value developing our skills and a long term career path that is rewarding and satisfying and with which we can be productive and respected as members of one of our nation's most vital industries.

Check them out.