An interesting--if insulting--read
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Last week, Ray Buursma wrote a column that appeared in the "Holland Sentinel," a paper based in Holland, Michigan. It's striking in its blunt and straightforward premise: that American workers have gotten exactly what they've deserved over the last several decades. In short, he says they've taken for granted and significantly miscalculated the extent to which democratically elected representatives in a capitalist society would look out for their best interests.

Here's sample:

First, hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs went overseas while the politicians you elected did nothing to stop them. Yet you continue to elect leaders who offer nothing but tax cuts, as if that would stem the flow of disappearing jobs.

Did you demand your leaders address America??s trade imbalance or continuous outsourcing of jobs? Did you demand your leaders require foreign countries to buy a dollar??s worth of American goods for every dollar of goods they sell here?

No and no. You didn??t bother. You simply crossed your fingers and prayed, ??I hope my job??s not next.?? You made concessions to your employer and hoped that would stem the exodus of jobs, or at least yours. How??d that work for you?

Second, you bought into the myth that unions are the cause of America??s demise. You didn??t bother to learn America became a world power when union membership was at its peak. You didn??t bother to learn America became the envy of the world while 1 of every 3 Americans was a union member.

The rest of the column is equally enlightening/challenging.