NH fends off RTW: Wall St Journal takes notice
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Still unable to muster the votes to override a veto by Governor John Lynch, New Hampshire Speaker of the House William O'Brien has put off until a special session after the summer any effort to pass so-called "Right to Work" legislation.

O'Brien, a Republican, had promised a swift override, but did not deliver scheduled votes on several occasions. He may struggle to find the votes in the fall, as well, according to one Republican quoted in a Wall Street Journal article today:

"Lee Quandt, a GOP House member from Exeter, N.H., voted against the bill. "New Hampshire is doing very well without it," he said, noting the state unemployment rate is 4.8%. He said many of the state's 63,000 union members, including many police and firemen, vote Republican.

"You don't pick up money and support by sticking it to thousands and thousands of Republicans," Mr. Quandt said. "There's a pretty strong group of Republicans that are not budging."