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UBC calls for defeat of trade agreements Posted by on

As Congress considers "free" trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama, UBC General President Doug McCarron has written to members of the House and Senate, with a detailed argument for why they should be defeated. McCarron cites the history of increased trade deficits, borrowing by the government and a loss of jobs in the United States.

Please read the letter by McCarron to House and Senate members and consider calling or writing your Representatives to weigh in on the issue.

NERCC in the news Posted by on

The Daily Hampshire Gazette published a story today about the rennovation of the historic James House in Northampton into space for two community groups; The Literacy Project (TLP) and the Center for New Americans (CNA). The rennovation was done with the help of union carpenters.

Brother Jon Avery was on hand and quoted in the story:
"We're part of this community," said John Avery, a representative from the local carpenters union, explaining why Local 108 got involved. "We believe in all of the things that government does."

Read the entire story here.


The MetroWest Daily News published a story on a public meeting held in Framingham by Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray. Brother Steve Joyce was on hand and quoted asking a question about construction jobs.

Read the story here.

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