Dems win first Wisconsin recall
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In a fight picked by Republicans in retaliation for Democratic recall efforts, State Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay walloped Republican David VanderLeest in what the GOP had considered a very winnable seat.

EJ Dionne, Jr., writing for the Washington Post said it could be the beginning of an interesting end to the summer in Wisconsin,as six Republicans and two more Democrats face on in recall battles in August.

Hansen read the results as the first step in a Democratic comeback. It's only the beginning,he declared at a victory celebration.

Of course Hansen would say this, but Contorno pointed to the Democrats impressive ground operation in the race. One senses that the energy in these recalls will be on the Democrats side, a bigger than usual advantage in mid-summer contests where turnout will be key. And there is normally no better time than August to get attention. If Democrats manage to take over Wisconsin's State Senate in reaction to the actions of a very ideological conservative governor and legislature, the event will have reverberations far beyond Madison.