Confidence growing, but not without concerns
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Mark Erlich, NERCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer, was quoted in an article from this Sunday’s Boston Herald that speaks about confidence and job creation in the construction industry. Those quoted in the piece all seem to sense things shifting, although as Erlich points out, it is “a little early to start to throw confetti.”

Also quoted in the piece is Northeastern University economist Alan Clayton-Matthews who said construction confidence has extended to Massachusetts as sector employment from December 2010 to December 2011 grew faster than overall employment in the state at 2.3 percent.

“It looks like at both the national and state levels, overall employment will be growing and may begin to pick up in growth later this year and in 2013,” he said. “Construction will follow that, but it will be with a little bit of a lag.”

Read the article online at the Boston Herald or click here for a PDF.

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