Local 107 Member Authors Report
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Brother Keith Wrightson, Local 107, has authored a report about the cost of construction injuries and fatalities to the residents of Maryland. Wrightson is a Worker Safety and Health Advocate for the Congress Watch division of Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group.

The Price of Inaction: A Comprehensive Look at the Costs of Injuries and Fatalities in Maryland’s Construction Industry,” quantifies the estimated costs of deaths and injuries in the state’s construction industry by considering an array of factors.

The report found that incidents of occupational injuries and fatalities cost the state $712.8 million over a three-year period and suggests that implementing a safety component to the prequalification process for public construction projects. Public Citizen suggests that “the system should be expanded to require construction firms to demonstrate that they provide safety training to workers and site supervisors, and that they do not have serious safety violations.”

The release of the report was covered online here at the Huffington Post.