Union carpenters, builder step up for family
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Unions and union members are good for communities. Aside from all of the obvious economic reasons this is true, it's clear when union contractors and members team up to have a lasting impact on friends and neighbors like they have this past week in Swampscott.

After hearing that a contractor had walked away from an unfinished renovation job with a family's money, union contractor Brait Builders stepped forward. Bob Brait and his brothers learned about Sam Paster, a 16-year old boy with cerebral palsy. His parents had saved for years to renovate their home to accommodate Sam, who is in a wheelchair. They wanted him to have a level of independence now and in the future, when they were no longer able.

Brait Builders and union carpenters volunteered their time and skills without hesitation. Now Sam will have greater independence. The Pasters will have peace of mind. Brait Buidlers and union carpenters will remember a wonderful experience. Friends, family and neighbors of the Pasters will know that, despite some bad characters, the construction industry has some really good people ready to step forward and help their community.

The story was covered by WCVB, Channel 5 as well as New England Cable News and CBS Boston, WBZ Channel 4.