Thanks for Participating! Now you can win...Cruises and more!
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A few years ago, NERCC started the Union Participation Program in order to encourage every member to participate in organizing, political or community activity. The request is minimal -- a two-hour commitment.

The program has been a huge success. Thousands of members have participated in hundreds of events. In the past, a smaller group of our members carried the load for the rest of us. Now everyone has a chance to give back. It’s worked.

As a wrap-up to the first NERCC UPP cycle, a major prize giveaway event is being planned for March 11, 2015. It's called Carpenters Appreciation Night.

ALL members who participated in UPP events will be entered! There will be five $5000 vouchers for cruises, and more than a dozen of each of the following prizes: TVs, iPads, surround sounds systems, Sonos 5 and Kindle Voyages.

The drawings will take place at the Carpenters Center in Boston and broadcast live online at Several local unions will be holding additional "watching events," where members can socialize, watch the event live online and get a chance to win additional door prizes.

For details on Carpenters Appreciation Night or to watch the broadcast from home, visit