Tocci signs union agreement
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On Friday, February 13, NERCC signed a collective bargaining agreement with Tocci Building Corp of Woburn, MA.

John Tocci is the third generation leader of a nearly 100-year old family-owned business. Unlike his father and grandfather, John led his company out of the union sector of the industry in the 1970s. For many years, the Carpenters Union and Tocci went down different paths, frequently in an adversarial position.

Nearly a year ago, conversations began between the two organizations about shared views of the industry, including a common commitment to skill, training, productivity, and innovation. John Tocci has become a national spokesman for BIM, LEAN, and other systems designed to promote collaboration and innovation in the industry and is seeking to bring that approach to owners that typically build on a union basis.

According to Tocci, "This partnership will yield positive results and new opportunities for our firm." NERCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mark Erlich agrees. "Our mission is to ensure that every carpenter in New England works for decent wages and benefits and under safe conditions. Bringing Tocci into the fold means that, going forward, the carpenters on their jobs will be treated with the respect they deserve."