Carpenters cheer Hillary's opposition to TPP
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The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) is proud to stand with Secretary Clinton in opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the damage it would do to the average American worker. We agree that there are too many unanswered questions about this free trade deal.

“It is encouraging to have Secretary Clinton join the majority of Americans and a growing number of groups and leaders who see the flaws in this bad trade deal and the harm that it would cause,” said Douglas J. McCarron, General President of the UBC. “Our members want a fair chance to compete and provide a good standard of living for their families but the TPP undermines that effort.”

The UBC supports fair trade but not agreements such as the TPP that are negotiated in secret, with the undue influence of multi-national conglomerations, that give away rights of US citizens, that have no protections for American workers, and which would send hundreds of thousands more jobs overseas and be another blow to the middle-class.

Like Clinton, we cannot support any agreement that has no protections for workers or against currency manipulation. We applaud Hillary Rodham Clinton for taking a stand for US workers and against the TPP.