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NERCC Rechartered as North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Posted by on

NERCC Rechartered as North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Posted by on

Everyday Eats for Healthy Family Meal Planning: a Nutrition Awareness Cooking Demo Posted by on

Build a Better Breakfast - a Nutrition Awareness Cooking Demo Posted by on

Pile Drivers awarded 100k training grant Posted by on

Pile Drivers Local 56 was recently awarded $100,000 in workplace training grant funding from Vineyard Wind and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Governor's office. It was one of several grants awarded to support marine-based energy construction.

Local 56 will use the funds to train 45 members through a program at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy called GWO. That specialty program has five modules, including one that focuses on safety aspects related to moving workers and materials between vessels while at offshore locations.

"There's really no training like this available elsewhere," said Dave Borrus, Local 56 Representative. "Mass Maritime will have the certified instructors for the program, so we'll combine this funding with their resources. It will be a great benefit for our members and the union contractors that employ them."

A Victory in Somerville Posted by on

Some great news out of Somerville!

Congratulations to all of the NERCC staff and members who have done so much over the last few years to advocate for standards in Somerville. Rank-and-file participation in rallies, public meetings and coalition building was crucial. There were also many conversations with US2, local leaders and our union employers, including Cranshaw and subcontractors, that helped bring us to this point.

Together, our members and our union has completed the first phase of work, winning the job. Now begins the second phase, using our skills to build a successful project.

Speaking Out and Taking Action Posted by on


The New England Regional Council of Carpenters and its local unions will host a series of events in tandem the April 15th national tax deadline. Rallys, demonstrations, forums, and press conferences will illuminate the rampant tax fraud in the construction industry and impacts at the local, state, and national level. Each year labor brokers and contractors cheat their tax obligations by misclassifying their hires and paying an estimated 1.2 million workers ‘off the books,’ robbing taxpayers of up to $2.6 billion through lost federal income, employment taxes, and state income taxes.

These dishonest tactics deprive city, state, and federal budgets of tax dollars and ethical businesses the chance to fairly compete for work. Local neighborhoods lose funds necessary for school improvements, infrastructure maintenance, veteran assistance, and capacity for first responders.

When employers engage in tax fraud, workers can't collect unemployment when a job finishes and they get laid off. When they get hurt, all of the medical costs get paid by the worker and/or the taxpayers, instead of workers comp insurance. They miss out on years of Social Security contributions. Sometimes, employers commit wage theft and refuse to pay or fully pay workers for their work. This not only impacts workers directly, but also indirectly impacts every other taxpayer, since it puts a greater burden on public services.

Events will educate the public on the magnitude of illegal construction employment practices in New England, discuss the effects on local towns, and call for a unified front against this insidious activity. Speakers will include tax fraud and wage theft victims and NERCC, state, and local leaders fighting against these issues.

New England’s event series will take place from April 11 until April 23rd. For a list of specific event times and locations, please check Additional events will be held by other regional councils of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Together these groups will work to elevate the conversation around construction industry tax fraud and the associated costs to American taxpayers and their communities.

Interested attendees can find more information on these events at the NERCC Website and RSVPs are encouraged through the NERCC Facebook. For more information on Construction Industry Tax Fraud, visit the UBC’s site, Standing Up to Tax Fraud.

Job listing for NERCC Posted by on

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking an experienced and strategic leader to serve as its Political Director. The Council represents over 28,000 carpenters, pile drivers, shop & millmen, and floorcoverers working in New England and New York state.

This is an incredible opportunity for a talented leader to grow and build a sophisticated political program in a union with a long, successful history of advocating for workers and their families.

Working closely with the Council leaders, the Political Director will shape and set the agenda for the Council’s political program, which seeks to empower members to take action that will help them and their families. The Director will strengthen the political capacity of local unions, union staff and members to hold power in their communities, and at the state and federal level.

The Political Director will lead electoral, legislative and issue-based campaigns to advance this aim. The Director will build and maintain relationships with key political figures, including federal, state and city elected and appointed officials, contractors, labor unions and community organizations.

The ideal candidate is an excellent communicator with a deep belief in the power of union membership and collective action, a commitment to elect champions for working families and a desire to build independent political power for NERCC members and families.

The firm of Grossman Heinz is conducting the search. For the full job description please visit their website.