Best Practices in Healthcare Construction

Healthy buildings = healthy patients

Increasing capacity and improving care don't have to be conflicting goals. Whether building a new facility or taking care of an existing one, there are ways to reduce the risk of contamination and infection caused by the construction process. We know; we're teaching them.

Construction ICRA: Best Practices in Healthcare Construction

The Construction ICRA Training Curriculum was developed by the Carpenters union with leading experts who specialize in infectious control, public health and hospital environments. It's a training program that makes skilled, journey level carpenters more aware of the unique concerns and risks of building projects in facilities that provide patient care. It then teaches the most modern techniques to reduce risks. As with patient care, the value of the program is its focus on awareness, prevention and attention to detail.

The program was developed in conjunction with experts like Andrew Streifel, Hospital Enviornment Specialist, University of Minnesota; Judene Bartley, Master in Biochemistry and Master in Public Health, Consultant for the Center for Disease Control; and Judy Webber, Infectious Control Practitioner.

For more information, please contact:
Harry Dow
ICRA Lead | APIC Associate
New England Carpenters Labor Management Program