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UPP: Camp Arrowhead project wraps up tomorrow Posted by on

Check out this great project at Camp Arrowhead in Natick, MA, which offers day and residential camp for children and adults with special needs. Saturday, June 27th is the final day of this great volunteer UPP event.Click here to learn more.

Events like the Camp Arrowhead build project are happening throughout New England. Visit to find an event happening near you!


UPP Cycle 2: Every Event Counts! Posted by on

The Union Participation Program has entered Cycle 2. That means members have more chances to create work, build communities and make a difference in the industry. It also means more chances to qualify for the next Carpenters Appreciation Night.
Every event counts! Get active now at


Members Make the Difference: John Burrows Posted by on

Spring elections are coming up soon in many cities and towns in New England. At least one member is putting his name on the ballot in his hometown. Brother John Burrows, a member of Local 275, is running for a seat on the Planning Board in Billerica.

Burrows is a 15-year member of the union and last year attended the ".300 Hitters" program at the UBC's International Training Center in Las Vegas. He called the experience "amazing" and said it influenced his decision to run. Another factor was something he learned while doing a Union Participation Program (UPP) event.

"I've always been active in the local with the volunteer organizing committee. But when I organized a UPP effort in Billerica to build dugouts, I found out that 90 union carpenters lived in town," he said. "Planning Board has a say in the zoning and what the town's people want and what works for Billerica. To be a part of a community, you have to be involved."

While employment at the Billerica Mall has fallen to a quarter of what it once was and the downtown area has become stagnant, Burrows says the Planning Board has been slow to approve worthwhile projects. He feels like his election to the Planning Board could tip the balance toward approval of positive developments in town, including a rumored solar farm.

Burrows is currently working as a carpenter steward for Turner Construction at Massachusetts General Hospital's Waltham campus. He also recently applied for a position as a Business Manager/Organizer with the New England Regional Council and is scheduled to attend a "Three Day" in Las Vegas next month.

In addition to union carpenters, Burrows has been getting help from members of IBEW Local 103. Members interested in helping can contact Burrows through Local 275 or on his campaign Facebook page "Burrows for Planning Board."

Frightening protest in Hartford Posted by on

Legendary horror author Stephen King may be looking for a UPP t-shirt. The Maine native was staying in Hartford this week, walked by a union banner protest in front of the Capital Grill, and stopped to ask about it. NERCC Business Representative Dean Pallotti told King that the Capital Grille was being built by contractors that don't meet area standards and were suspected of misclassifying workers as independent contractors. Darden Restaurants owns the Capital Grille chain as well as others, including Longhorn Steakhouse. The company is in the process of building a Longhorn in Enfeild, where there is also concern about contractors being used who don't meet area standards. King extended his support to the union's efforts, saying it didn't seem right since he pays his fair share of taxes.

More play, thanks to union carpenters Posted by on

A group of union carpenters from Local 275 in Newton recently got together to help out another local playground. The members built a new perimeter consisting of four side walls at the Franklin Playground as a UPP event in coordination with "Newton Serves."

Pictured are members that came out to lend a hand. Back row, left to right: Kevin Kelley, Matt Matheney, Desmond Trainor and Keith Farley. Middle Row, left to right: John McClintock, Rick Scales, Eric MacKinley, John Burrows, Steve Donnelly and Robert Tedeschi.Front row; William Newton.