One Room Mansion

A small group of carpenters played an integral role in helping to construct the One Room Mansion exhibition, which was on display at the BSA Space in Boston this past winter. Working in collaboration with the Boston Society of Architects (BSA), a team of carpenters built a series of micro-units that comprise the One Room Mansion. Local 218 member, and .300 Hitter, Chris Dwyer was the lead carpenter foreman on the project, working directly with curator Aeron Hodges.

In addition to Dwyer, the volunteers on the project were Kevin Russell, LU 218; Bryan Bartlett, Jr., LU 218; Dean LaCorcia, LU 218; Evan Garuti. LU 67; and Greg Quinn, LU 33. One Room Mansion explores the possibilities associated with individual living spaces grouped with generous communal amenities. Carpenters worked to help transform the BSA Space into a simulation of a co-living building with compact apartments connected by corridors. Practical living areas and innovative work, laundry, and storage space, as well as indoor and ‘outdoor’ common areas are highlighted. BSA Space is Boston’s leading center for architecture and design, and is home to the Boston Society of Architects/AIA and the BSA Foundation.